Café Style Window Shutters

Café Style Window Shutters by Perfect Shutters Liverpool, adds a touch of continental chic to your home, with sleek shutters that only cover the bottom part of your window, providing stylish privacy to street level and street facing windows. The open top half lets light fill the room.

Café Style window shutters let light flood in through the top half of your window, while you make a design statement below. Not only are Café Style window shutters a beautiful expression of taste and flair, they’re also a smart and practical way to block out unwanted attention from the pavement outside. So you can enjoy bright sunshine and total privacy, all in one.

Café Style window shutters are perfect for living rooms and kitchens that face the street, and for enhancing the authentic look of Victorian properties. That said, they offer a huge amount of kerb appeal to any home.

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Café Style Shutters - best of both worlds

Unlike our full height plantation shutters, the beauty of café style window shutters is that they only cover the bottom half of the window. So even with added privacy for your home, you can still enjoy the warming glow of the summer sun, filtering into your home.

If you want to accentuate your existing window features, such as stained glass, then café style shutters are the choice for you. Only covering part of the opening they’re ideal for this purpose, as well as providing easy access for operating classic wooden sash windows.

Cafe-Style Plantation Shutters

Key Features:

  • Privacy at eye level
  • Accentuate window features
  • Let in natural light at the top of a window
  • Great look for bay windows
  • Option to match with curtains or blinds

Suitable for:

  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Homes by pavements and roads requiring extra privacy
  • Coupling with existing curtains or blinds in bedrooms

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