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Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters are versatile and practical, with two sets of shutter panels – one on top of the other operating independently – that can be folded away or be kept in situ to provide an unrivalled number of light control and privacy options of any shutter style. NOW GET UP TO 25% OFF PERFECT SHUTTERS UNTIL 14 FEBRUARY 2018

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters – Our Most Flexible Style

Tier on Tier Shutters are possibly the most flexible style that we offer, functioning in the same manner as Full Height Plantation Shutters, except where we would normally place a mid-rail, the panel is in fact split into two independent operating shutter sections. This allows the top half to be folded right out of the way, so that you can maximise incoming light, whilst maintaining privacy through the lower panels.

Stylish Looks to Suit Every Décor

Tier on Tier Plantation Shutters are particularly well suited to street level and street facing windows. By keeping the lower tier closed and the top tier open, privacy is maintained while allowing light into the room. Tilting the shutter louvres or by completely folding the top tier shutter panels back, allows you control the maximum amount of light in.

Hard-wearing and flexible, we have also found that tier-on-tier shutters work well in more active rooms of the house such as the living room, bathroom and kitchen.

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