Bathroom plantation shutters

Date Published: February 15th, 2019

When redecorating your bathroom shutters may not be the first thing you think about doing, but there are many reasons bathroom shutters can not only transform the look of your bathroom but also offer you extra privacy, keep the outside noise at bay and provide insulation for your bathroom.

5 things to know about having shutters in the bathroom

  1. Shutters are perfect for bathrooms that do not have frosted windows. Plantation shutters are the right choice when you need more light or more privacy. They can completely block out light but also allow natural light in while blocking the view for prying eyes at the same time! This makes them perfect for street-facing bathrooms.
  2. Shutters add extra insulation and limit the amount of noise coming from outside.
  3. Bathroom shutters are low maintenance. You can simply wipe them clean, unlike fabric curtains or blinds which have to be properly washed and are not waterproof.
  4. Shutters help to repel harmful UV light rays and can keep your bathroom warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  5. Not only are plantation shutters practical but they also add an extra touch of style and class to your bathroom. They also look much neater and cleaner than regular blinds and curtains.

Can I put plantation shutters in my bathroom

Plantation shutters are perfect for your bathroom, the moveable panels allow you to determine how much light and privacy you need. Unlike typical ‘victorian’ style shutters where the panels are stationary and do not move, the plantation shutter panels can be moved to different angles to control the light and heat entering a room.

Are plantation shutters waterproof?

Most plantation shutters are waterproof as they are made from poly-vinyl and PVC materials. This means plantation shutters are perfect for bathrooms as they will not retain moisture or encourage the growth of mould. Plantation shutters are easy to clean as you can just quickly wipe them with a wet cloth, unlike regular blinds or curtains. When choosing the right type it is very important to get waterproof bathroom shutters as they will most likely end up getting wet at some point. This is crucial if you need them for a shower window.

Adding value to your home

Not only are plantation shutters practical as they help to insulate rooms, protect against UV light, keep heat out in the summer and save heat in the winter, etc. but they can also add value to your home if you decide to one day sell your home. If you have custom shutters fitted in your house, that will make it much more attractive to potential buyers and will allow you to raise the price. But style isn’t the only reason for this. Saving energy in the long run is one of the main reasons why people may be willing to pay more for a house with plantation shutters installed.

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