Blackout Shutters

Blackout Shutters (room darkening plantation shutters) are made for rooms that require almost total darkness. Blackout shutters are perfect for night workers, nurseries, or an amazing home cinema environment.

Why we love blackout shutters…


Looking for inspiration? See how our customers are darkening their homes with style, with our fantastic blackout shutters.

Blackout Shutter Features

Perfect Shutters are more than a window covering; our popular blackout window plantation shutters offer versatile privacy and full light and darkness control and can help insulate your rooms.


The functionality of blackout blinds combined with the sleek look of standard window shutters.
Blackout Plantation Shutter with integrated shade

Blackout Plantation Shutters - the complete style and shade solution.

Traditionally ‘black-out’ blinds often let light seep in around the edges. Blackout Plantation Shutters are more effective because the blackout blinds are housed snugly in recessed channels behind the shutters, so almost all external light bleed is eliminated.

Blackout shutters for any room that requires almost total darkness.

Blackout Plantation Shutters are the ideal choice for daytime sleepers, night workers, and movie buffs who desire a cinema-like ambiance.

Blackout shutters will help you get a good night’s rest – whatever the time of day – with a complete blackout of light from outside the window. The blind’s unique honeycomb design allows fresh air and plenty of heat insulation. while the blind’s foil coating helps reflect harsh sunlight.

Our blackout plantation shutters are genuine made-to measure and finished to the highest S-CRAFT standards, guaranteeing quality, reliability, and unique ownership experience.

Blackout Shutters from Perfect Shutters UK


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