Frequently Asked Questions about Plantation Shutters

Shutter FAQs. Do you have a question about Perfect Shutters? Our Plantation Shutter FAQs may be able to help. Ouer customer service team will also be happy to help. Click here to get in touch.

How long have you been supplying and installing shutters? Perfect Shutters Limited is the North West’s Premier Plantation Shutter company, and we installed our first ‘Perfect Shutter’ in 2005. Since then we have installed thousands across Liverpool, Merseyside, Wirral, Cheshire, Lancashire, Manchester, and the North West of England.

Can you quote me over the phone?
Yes, this is probably the most popular way of quoting for shutters. All you need to do is measure the width and drop of each window under consideration in either inches or millimetres and phone the sizes through. We will then calculate some prices for you and call you back or alternatively we can do the same via email: sales@perfectshutters.co.uk

What are Plantation Shutters?
Plantation shutters are a practical and stylish alternative to curtains or blinds and suit both contemporary and traditional decor. Perfect Shutters offer the biggest selection of Plantation Shutters in Liverpool, Merseyside, Wirral, Cheshire and Lancashire UK.

Can plantation shutters be installed on any window?
Perfect Shutters can be installed on virtually any window, including French doors, patio sliding doors, and bay windows. They can also be used effectively as room dividers fitted on tracks. They usually cannot be fitted where there is a false ceiling or fixed pelmet that prohibits the shutter from being opened. If the window/door opens inwards they can always be mounted outside of the reveal. If in doubt, click here to contact our technical team.

Do you offer in-home measuring and installation services?
Yes, Perfect Shutters offer a complete measuring and installation service for Plantation Shutters throughout the following areas: Liverpool, Merseyside, Southport, Wirral, Chester, Cheshire, and Lancashire, Greater Manchester UK. We will travel to most areas.

Do you offer advice on the design of my shutters?
Yes  in fact, we’re famous for our shutter design and our fully trained staff will show the various options available including the finer details, so you can tailor the shutters to suit your lifestyle needs. Click here to view our customer gallery.

Do your shutters come with a guarantee?
Yes, our shutters carry a minimum of 3 years on all other shutter ranges. We also include a 10-year Workmanship Guarantee for your peace of mind.

What if I have a problem after the guarantee period?
Perfect Shutters are very reliable and should last a lifetime. We can usually repair any problems depending on the extent of the damage and how it was caused.

How many plantation shutter panels do I need in my window opening?
Generally, a window looks best with 4 panels, two openings as pairs either way. A 3-window bay, however, will usually have 2 panels on the smaller side windows and 4 in the centre. All panels will open away from the middle.

For partitioning or for large windows where tracking is needed at the top to suspend the panels you will really need an even number of panels or they will look odd and not hang from the track properly. Ideally, 8 panels or 12 panels for very large openings are best although quite often it is wise to hang even 6 panels from tracking if they are quite large.

In summary, the window layout will normally dictate the number of panels. If the window is split into two halves you would either have 2 or 4 panels and it follows that if it is three panes then three or six panels will suffice. The vertical dividers of the windows are where the vertical stiles of the shutters should be ideally.

Can you make shutters for any custom shape window?
Yes. We can manufacture shutters for almost any shaped window. Whether you have an arched, triangular, hexagonal, or circular-shaped window, shutters tend to emphasise the unique shape of the window. See examples of Custom Shape Shutters »

What colours and stains are available for Plantation Shutters?
Shutters offer a full-colour palette, utilising some of the most popular and on-trend colours in the market place. Unlike cheaper imitations, all-Perfect Shutters are given 6 coats of paint or stain to give a tough, lustrous finish and to help prevent fading the final layer is UV protected.

Our custom colour option offers you virtually any colour finish you require and we can match the UK’s leading paint companies’ colours.

What louvre size should I choose?
When making your louvre choice, consider the size of the room, window and the desired effect. Perfect Shutters offer six main louvre sizes depending on the shutter range chosen, plus a solid shutter version and a blackout shutter with integrated honeycomb blind for ultimate light exclusion.

When choosing your louvre, you’ll need to decide which size best suits your window while allowing the louvres to be opened without making contact with your window/furniture, with larger louvre sizes requiring more room to open.

Generally larger windows command a larger louvre size for your plantation shutters and smaller windows a smaller louvre size.

How eco-friendly are your shutters?
The materials used to manufacture our shutters are sourced from well-managed forests and therefore do not impact the environment.