Date Published: March 10th, 2019

It’s hard to keep up with all the new home decor trends and it seems like every year the trends are completely different. We have compiled a list to help you keep track of the top interior trends for 2019!


This is possibly one of the biggest interior trends this year. With everybody becoming more aware of the environmental issues we’re facing sustainability is on the rise.

This means vintage and refurbished furniture is on-trend this year, with low waste and making old things new again.

Lots and lots of houseplants

If you want to be one with nature, feel free to use as many plants and flowers as you want for your home decor projects.

This will fill your home with natural colour and the houseplants will keep every room smelling fresh.

Blush tones

Rosey and blush tones are on-trend this year.

These can give your home a feminine feel so if that’s what you’re going for – great! Otherwise, use with caution.

Dark kitchens

Dark, warm tone kitchens are in this year, giving the kitchen a new type of vibe.

Darker tones give the home a more grown-up feel.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters will be seen a lot this year. They have a lot to offer in terms of privacy, noise control and of course light control.

You can decide how much natural light you would like to allow into your home whilst not compromising on privacy. Plantation shutters look great in any room, including the bathroom and kitchen!

Image of Living Room Shutters

Warm autumnal shades

Another colour palette you’ll be seeing a lot this year is warm autumnal tones.

These colours look good throughout the home, on your walls, as features in a room or furniture.

Natural furniture

Just as with sustainability, natural furniture promotes a healthy relationship with the environment.

Encouraging you to celebrate the world around you, this trend allows you to explore wood and stone in new ways.

'70s home decor

The ’70s can bring a lot of things to mind – flower power, rock music, Woodstock and lava lamps.

But the 70’s home decor that will be coming back is the warm tones, velvet features, natural fabrics, furniture and terrazzo.

Terrazzo is a type of wall or floor mosaic tile that features small flecks of metal and stone material.

Bold colours, bold wallpaper

Statement walls, ceilings and colours are on their way back in this year.

Yes, it sounds odd but wallpapered or painted ceilings are going to be seen a lot in 2019.

Bronze accents

If you’re thinking about redecorating your bathroom this year, make sure you have bronze taps on your list to buy.

Other bronze features that will be in this year are light hangings, artwork and furniture.

Curved furniture and feminine shapes

There are a lot of feminine trends happening this year and one of them is the shape of furniture and art in the home.

Soft, curved furniture will be very popular this year and paired with some soft blush tones your home will look like a dream!

Matte finished

Matte furniture, features and art will really be in this year. It will even be featured in kitchens and bathrooms.

Matte will give everything a softer and muted look, perfectly paired with a bright colour for a great juxtaposition style contrast.

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