With three material ranges to choose between, you can find the perfect shutters to suit your interior taste, lifestyle need, and budget.

Our Shutters are crafted to exceptionally high standards and made to last a lifetime. Never one to compromise on quality and performance, our shutter materials come with a minimum 3-year guarantee.

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood is our most popular and versatile shutter material. Hardwood shutters are crafted from sustainable Paulownia wood, Basswood or White teak and boast exceptional durability and natural insulating properties that increase energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

Renowned for being beautiful, lightweight yet strong, Hardwood is the perfect material for patio doors, bi-fold doors and room dividers, as four shutter panels can be hinged together. Hardwood shutters are available in a choice of contemporary paint and stain finishes and a custom-colour option.

Engineered Wood Shutters

Engineered Wood Shutters

Engineered Wood shutters complement any interior and are a stylish, cost-effective alternative to our Hardwood range.

Famed for its durability. Engineered Wood is natural wood in an advanced state, with a composite core and multiple densities of fibreboard encased in a polypropylene coating, providing the perfect finish for good looks, robustness and water resistance. It’s the ideal shutter for busy homes.

Engineered Wood shutters are available in a choice of modern paint finishes.

Faux Wood Shutters

Our Faux Wood shutters achieve the perfect balance between style and practicality.

Crafted from composite materials, Faux Wood shutters look just like wood whilst being completely waterproof, making them an excellent option for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-humidity areas where traditional materials might warp or crack.

In addition to their waterproof advantages, Faux Wood shutters are easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking pristine for years to come.

Availabe in popular Pure White colour.

Faux Wood shutters are an ideal choice for those looking for quality shutters with a quick 3–5-week lead time.


Our quality is the best form of sustainability

Quality is the best form of sustainability

When it comes to our shutters, our approach to sustainability isn’t rocket science -it’s sensible.

We build high-quality shutters that can last for many years. Every shutter is engineered from wood sourced from managed forests and uses traditional mortise and tenon joints for added strength – not harmful bonding chemicals.

Our shutters are also crafted with transverse multiple ply-stiles and will always keep their shape and great looks. In fact, you’ll never have any reason or desire to replace them.

Experience Perfect Shutters