Date Published: October 17th, 2018

Natural lighting is an important factor in any home and not just because it makes everything look better. Natural light can impact your wellbeing, your mood and is a lot more economical too.

If your home doesn’t get much daylight, or you’d like to make the most of the natural light it does get, then follow this complete guide on what you can do to enhance the natural lighting around the house and in specific rooms.  

The benefits of natural lighting in the home

Save on energy

As you won’t need to depend on artificial lighting in the home, you can reduce the amount of energy you consume which is beneficial for the environment and your electricity bill too.

Fight SAD

There has been research that proves that natural light can help regulate Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Boost your vitamin D

You encourage the body’s production of vitamin D when your skin gets sunlight, as well as vitamin B1 too. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and a strong immune system.

Reduce mildew and mould

Natural lighting is great for helping to reduce the growth of harmful organisms that encourage the growth of mildew and mould that can be found in damp areas like the bathroom.

Reflective surfaces

Installing reflective surfaces in certain rooms can have a big impact on the natural lighting effect. In the kitchen you can use a reflective backsplash to bounce light around the room. You can also choose high shine tiles in the bathroom so that the light is reflected around the room. Glass and mirrored furniture can also be a good option to encourage natural light to spread in different rooms around the home – think coffee tables, side tables, dressing tables etc.


Living in a well illuminated home usually means a smaller chance of slips, trips and falls.

Encouraging natural lighting in the home

In most cases natural light is unable to enter your home because of simple things like windows or doors. Thankfully, there are simple tricks and decorating changes that can be made to ensure that you make the most of daylight streaming into the different rooms and areas of the home.

Prevent depression

Science has proven that exposure to natural light for short periods of time can prevent depression in both children and adults, helping to boost your mood.

Remove dark furniture

Dark furniture might be chic but the fact of the matter is that it absorbs a lot of the natural light you have in the room, especially if they’re placed in front of windows. Stick to lighter finishes when it comes to furniture in rooms that are lacking in natural light.

Things to consider

Plantation shutters in a home

Choose the right shade of white

While lighter colours are preferred to help bring brightness to your home, it’s best if you avoid using brilliant white paint on the walls because it can leave the space feeling particularly cold. Instead, choose an off-white shade to have a warmer effect in the room.

You can also give rooms the illusion of height and space by painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls.

Plantation Shutters in the home

For a beautiful, clean look, plantation shutters are perfect. White wooden shutters are great for adding brightness to any space and their design allows for natural light to flood the room whilst protecting your privacy. If you’re having them installed in the bathroom make sure you choose a style that’s waterproof so the wood doesn’t warp with the moisture.

Avoid heavy curtains

Curtains might bring a finish to the room design, but try and avoid heavy, thick designs as they can soak up a lot of the light from the room. If you really want curtains opt for sheer and light fabrics.

Install new windows

If your budget calls for it, you might want to install new and bigger windows to let more natural light into your rooms. If it’s possible install them facing south to ensure that you make the most of the sunlight from morning to night. Choosing white frames will also help to reflect the light.

Install a skylight

Again, this depends on your budget as well as your home’s structure. But a skylight is a great way to make sure your room has plenty of daylight whilst the sun is out.

House with skylights

Choose plantation shutters for better control

Control the natural light in your home with our affordable plantation shutters.

Room with mirrors and natural light

Use mirrors effectively

Incredibly effective and a rather cost-efficient way of ensuring your home is filled with natural light is by using mirrors around the home. This helps you to use the light that is already there and reflect it wherever you choose.

Small shiny details

Not only can you use mirrors to reflect light around the room, but the addition of small mirrored accessories like photo frames, candle holders, placemats etc, can help the room to appear lighter. This will also make you think outside the box when it comes to your interior design.

Glass door panes

Another great way of encouraging a flow of natural lighting throughout the home is by using glass panes in the doors around your home. You can also apply this to interior doors.

If you’re worried about privacy in some of the rooms, or particularly your front or back door, you can use mottled glass panes.

Metallic touches

Like the mirrored accessories, metallic touches in the rooms are a great way of dispersing light around the room. Brass, copper, silver or gold accents can be a really great way of improving the natural lighting in the house while keeping your interior design interesting.

Staircase bathed in natural light

A final note

Keeping your windows clear from shade and shadows that can be caused by furniture or trees or bushes outside is an easy way to let the natural light flood the home.
Make the most of the sun’s natural rays in your home all-year round with our tips above, and reap the benefits of natural light in your house.

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