Café Style Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters cover only the lower half of the window area, adding stylish privacy to street-level and street-facing windows, whilst the empty top half lets the light in.
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Key features

  • Let in natural light at the top of a window
  • Accentuate window features
  • Great look for bay windows
  • Privacy at eye level
  • Option to match with curtains or blinds

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Why choose Café Style Shutters?

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Enjoy Sunshine & Shade

Café Style Shutters - enjoy the sunshine and shade.

Café style interior shutters only cover the lower half of the window, letting light flood in through the top half. Café Style Shutters are the smart and practical way to block out unwanted attention from the pavement outside. So, you can enjoy bright sunshine and total privacy – all in one.

They are the perfect shutter to complement an existing window design, such as a wooden sash window or a stained glass pattern, and the most beautiful way the enjoy the shade and sunshine.

Café Style window shutters are perfect for living rooms and kitchens that are street-facing, and for improving the authentic look of Victorian properties. They also provide a huge design statement and kerb appeal to any home.

Cafe-Style Plantation Shutters

Best Choice of Materials

Choose a material that's perfect for your home and budget.

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Insulating Benefits

Enjoy insulating and economical benefits.

Perfect Shutters are more than a window covering, they offer versatile privacy and light control, give added security, and can help insulate rooms.

Image showing a Plantation Shutters in a bathroom providing insulation and privacy


Each panel can be tilted to allow light in and unwelcome attention out. Ideal for street-facing windows.

Image of a Plantation Shutters showing that it is Heat and Energy Efficient


Adds extra insulation to glazing, blocks out light and help reduce noise levels too. Ideal for bedrooms.


Shutter blinds help repel harmful UV light, keep you cool in summer and help to retain heat in winter.

Plantation Shutters are Low-Maintenance


Easy to wipe clean, shutters blinds are almost maintenance free and excellent for dust allergies.

Increased Property Value

Café Style Shutters - a home improvement investment that adds value to your property.

Café Shutters provide continental style to window and kerb appeal, and will definitely get admiring glances from neighbours and people walking by. They are the perfect shutters to complement traditional Victorian style sash windows.

Plantation Shutters also provide financial value to your property, and unlike blinds and curtains, plantation shutters are permanent window fixtures and add to the estimated market value of your home. So, you get to enjoy your shutters right now and gain back your investment later – if you ever sell your home.

Image of a Bay Window Shutter saying that Plantation Shutters are a good investment and add value to your property.
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