Tracked Shutters

Tracked Shutters are ideal for large window areas, patio doors, or dividing spaces to separate rooms and providing privacy. Where long runs of individual shutter panels are needed, track shutters are the best option.

Why we love tracked shutters…


Looking for inspiration? See how our customers are transforming their patios and rooms with our elegant tracked plantation shutters.

Tracked Shutter Features

Patio windows and Bi-folding doors require window coverings that are both durable and functional. Tacked shutters are a great choice when you require ultimate privacy without compromising garden views.

Tracked shutters, the perfect window coverings for large window areas.

Track shutters are the “perfect shutters” when traditional window coverings struggle to fit the window span or offer consistent light control and privacy options.

We can fit tracked and bi-folding shutters to almost any window span, like a large patio window. It depends on the design and window width limitations. Perfect Shutters will advise you on the best track system suitable for your needs.

When your window exceeds the full shutter panel width that we can manufacture, we will look at an alternative way of achieving the look you want within our specifications limits. For uncompromising flexibility and functionality, Perfect Shutters offer 2 track configurations:

ByPass tracked shutters require a top and bottom track to be fitted to the floor and ceiling to allow the shutter panels to slide smoothly open and shut.

Bi-folding tracked shutters fold together as you draw the panels along the tracks. Bi-folding shutters use hinges to attach multiple panels together and look beautiful when in place.

Tracked Shutters


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